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Halloween Craft Ideas

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It's that time of year when the leaves start to change color, the black cats prowl and the pumpkins gleam... Oh my, it's Halloween! So we have put together a spooky selection of easy breeze Halloween crafts for you and your little one have fun together while celebrating this festival! 


You'll need:

- large paperclips

- Halloween chipboard shapes

- glue gun and glue sticks

- felt

Glue end of paperclip to back of Halloween shape. Cover back of shape with felt. That’s it!

Source: happygolucky


How to: Children place their hand on the card stock, spread their fingers and thumb and draw around them. The fingers become the Halloween Bat’s wings and their thumb becomes the bat’s ear. 

Repeat with the other hand overlapping the palm on top of the palm already drawn to make the bat’s body shape. Then cut the bat out. 

All that’s left to do is make the Halloween Bat’s cute little features. We stuck on googly eyes and used our acrylic paint to draw on a cheeky smile and some fangs. You could add on some glitter or any other decorations!

Source: kidscraftroom


To make this little pumpkin, you’ll need a piece of orange card. Use a ruler to mark out eight strips, using a dashed straight line to show where your child needs to cut. If you use a darker orange marker pen you’ll be able to see the lines to cut them, but they won’t show every much in your finished craft. Then let your child have a try cutting along the lines. You can make it easier and safer by using a child-sized pair of scissors that have a rounded tip to the cutting blades. 

Using card rather than paper will help too, as it will hold its shape more as your child cuts along. Cutting out all eight strips gives you plenty of practice. The edges don’t need to be perfect – your pumpkin will still look great with a few wobbles.

Once cut out, place your card strips in this circular arrangement, and hold them together using a split pin. Your child might find it easier if you poke through the ends of all the strips with a sharp pencil or craft knife first, and then your child can thread the pieces on to the split pin. Then you need to repeat this threading, gathering together all the opposite ends of the strips of card to form your 3D pumpkin shape. 

Use a second split pin to hold them in place, adding a piece of green card on the top to make a stalk. Your child can then add their own Jack-o-lantern design on the outside of the pumpkin, making it as friendly or as scary as they like. 

Source: nurturestore


- Kleenex Tissues

Round lolly pops (we used Tootsie Pops)

Black Sharpie

Tiny elastics (from the hair section at the dollar store)

- Thin orange and black ribbon

Use one full size tissue, and another tissue that has been cut into quarters.

Take the quarter piece of tissue and put it in the center of the full sized tissue. This will help to hide the colour of the lolly pop underneath the tissue. I tried it first with just one layer of Kleenex, but you could definitely see the lolly pop through it. Two layers worked much better to hide the color.

Put the lolly pop in the middle. Bunch up the tissue over the lolly pop and stretch the elastic over it to hold it all in place. The elastics that I used were small enough that I only had to go around once.

Since it’s tissue, the ink definitely bleeds, so I recommend pressing (briefly) straight on with the tip of the marker for each of the eyes. If they end up being different sizes, go back and adjust them as you need to.

Find some tiny thin black and orange ribbon at Walmart for 50 cents each, and use it to wrap around their necks.

Source: onelittleproject

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